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Container Lab

Everything You Need for Running Containers in Production

When it comes to proof-of-concept testing of container technologies, our solution engineers have built a lab to get things done quickly. Our high-performance lab enables you to experience the latest and greatest open source container platforms and Multi-cloud management tools. Redapt cloud engineers will assist you in deploying your workloads on bare metal, or VMware integrated containers in our lab and across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Schedule lab access today to kick the tires of DockerTectonicRancherMesosphereQstackJoyent and more.

Don’t have a containerized app?  We’ve got you covered.  Our Cloud Engineers can do that for you.

Why Do a POC on the Redapt Container Lab?

  • Our lab is workload-ready today
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange enables multi-cloud
  • Reduce evaluation time to days instead of weeks or months
  • Deployed using best practices and documented references
  • Scalable architecture design and a successful implementation


You have the vision.
Find the container solution to get you there!

Our Labs accelerates the container adoption journey, so you can quickly get to innovation.